The UKPress Awards ('Pressies')
Mid-March, 2010, London

UKPress is launching its own industry awards, The UKPress Awards ('Pressies') to recognise the highlights and lowlights of the media and public relations industries. Nominations will commence on the UKPress discussion list on Monday 1 February, 2010, and voting will take place on Friday 12 February.

In mid-March, UKPress will hold a party in central London (venue TBC), to launch the inaugural run of the ‘Pressies’ and also to celebrate its 10th birthday and the re-launch of its website, which is being revamped to create an online social network for media professionals. The event will be attended by members of UKPress as well as journalists and opinion-formers spanning all media sectors.

Comprising two sections – serious awards and those with a humorous twist – the ‘Pressies’ will recognise high achievement in the fields of journalism, PR, television and social media, as well as identifying the industry’s public relations gaffes and editorial failings in a fresh and ironic way.

The provisional '2010 UKPress Award (Pressie)' categories are as follows:
  • Best Use of Twitter
  • Social Media Star of 2009
  • Highest Editorial Standards Award
  • Most Creative UK PR Campaign
  • Press Photo of the Year
  • Cleverest Headline
  • Most Horrendous Headline
  • Most Captivating TV Campaign
  • Most Cringeworthy TV Campaign
  • Celebrity Who Sold Out the Most
  • Biggest PR Blunder – Business
  • Biggest PR Blunder - Politics
  • The Red Pen Award for Most Sinful Sub-editing Gaffe
  • Most Unfortunate Misuse of English Grammar
  • “I Wish I Hadn’t Said That...” Award
  • “Getting Blood Out of a Stone...” Award for Withholding Press Comments
  • “Solutions Have Become a Problem” Award for Inappropriate Jargon
  • “I Wish I’d Left it on the Back Burner” Award for Product or Service Most Likely to Fail

Get involved / sponsorship opportunities:

UKPress is currently seeking sponsors for the UKPress Awards and 10th Birthday / Website Relaunch Party taking place in London (venue TBC) in March, 2010. For details of the opportunities on offer, please contact Jo Chipchase - email or phone 07834 915752.

Many thanks to:

Caraline Brown of Midnight Communications for help, advice and contacts.
Press Dispensary for press release services.

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